Clare Allsopp, Project Coordinator for Faith Matters, works closely alongside Fiyaz Mughal and Micheal Evans, in developing strategy and partners for the SAFE project.

She has recently received a degree in Theology and Religion from the University of Birmingham. Within her chosen field, Clare has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to understanding religion in contemporary society, which looks at the intersection of religious interpretation with social, cultural and political beliefs and practices. In her final year, Clare undertook extensive research into understanding the modern trajectory of Islamic radicalism.

Complementary to her academic studies, Clare has engaged in an executive programme on the issue of Human Trafficking in Washington D.C. and worked as a junior researcher for a socio-economic think tank in Zambia. She has also volunteered for Youth Projects that provide mentoring for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Within this context, Clare has received SAPERE certified training in facilitating philosophical enquiries in communities ( The proven wider impact of this unique approach to teaching and learning being: improvements to individuals’ confidence, self-esteem and patience of others.

Clare is a strong advocate for community-based, educational initiatives that focus on self-regulation of attitudes and behaviours to foster better community cohesion and counter extremism.  Within her role at Faith Matters, Clare is also coordinating other community cohesion projects such as, Youth Social Media Literacy and Youth Debate to improve critical thinking and public engagement.