SAFE is an independent, non-security service that families can trust. We are accountable for our work and open about who we work with and actions that we may take. Everything we do is in the best interest of the family and vulnerable individual.


We care about the effects of extremism on families and the impact of this on wider society. We are here to listen to your experiences, understand the impact of extremism and respond accordingly with a tailored support programme.


We believe that extremism is best confronted through a cross-community approach. We collaborate with other organisations, signposting families to other specialist services, ensuring that they receive comprehensive support.


Extremism has and continues to affect families all over the world. Community resilience is at the centre of our work to counter extremism. SAFE is about showing families that there is a community support network available. We build strong relationships with families and long-term peer support to ensure that families never feel alone.