Long term support: We understand that the impact of extremism on families is multi-faceted and ongoing. We provide emotional and practical support to families who have lost a loved one to extremism to help heal and rebuild their lives.

Early Intervention: We believe that early detection of radicalisation at a local level is the most effective for prevention and trust the instinct of families to pick up on unusual changes in attitudes and behaviour. We offer a safe place to air your concerns, however small, and develop information packs and strategies to build resilience against extremist rhetoric.

Who is SAFE for?

SAFE is directed at families of individuals who have been directly involved in acts of terrorism or who are influenced by and espouse the views of extremist groups/ideology of any kind.

How will SAFE benefit you?

SAFE helpline provides the safe space and expertise for families to share their experiences of extremism without the fear of being judged. We take time to speak to families to fully understand their experience and circumstances and identify their specific needs. We provide families with emotional support, information and connection points for practical support to help them through these unique and difficult situations.

  • One-to-one contact with family support specialist – helpline
  • More information about extremist ideologies – see definitions and news
  • Cross-community support programmes
  • Online ‘self-help’ tool kits – see resources
  • An intermediary between families and external advice boards

We are an independent, confidential service, not security related.  In the event of an emergency please call 999.